CDP Equity

About us


CDP Equity is a patient long-term investor and acts according to market logic. Interventions in strategic sectors, with adequate market returns are inherent to its mission: to support Italy’s development. CDP Equity is a company that is 100 % owned by the CDP Group.
It has significant holdings in large Italian companies and, with its asset management subsidiaries, it is the largest Italian investor in the field of venture capital, private equity and private debt.


The company was founded with the name Fondo Strategico Italiano


The company was given its current name: CDP Equity


The company was re-engineered


It is the CDP Group’s main investment operator in private equity

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The business

CDP Equity invests in companies of significant national interest, through direct and indirect shareholdings. It provides capital for the long-term development of organisations in key sectors in order to promote innovation in technologies and infrastructure which are essential to grow the country system. Through investments in funds and funds of funds, it supports the Italian business ecosystem. It is also a leading investor in alternative assets.

4,2 BLN Net worth

4,9 BLN Capital invested

1,1 BLN Proceeds from divestments


The management team of CDP Equity comprises professionals with consolidated experience in the most important banks and business consulting companies. CDP Equity’s investment managers are coordinated by a team with international experience and specialist skills in specific sectors, to best support all the actors in the operations they are involved in.