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CDP Equity, Blackstone and Macquarie have submitted the final offer for a stake in Autostrade per l'Italia

L’offerta è coerente con l’approccio dei componenti del Consorzio quali investitori di lungo periodo e in particolare con quello di CDP, primo investitore nelle infrastrutture del Paese

The Consortium formed by CDP Equity, Blackstone Infrastructure Partners and Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets, on completion of their respective internal approval processes, has submitted to Atlantia S.p.A. (Atlantia) the final offer, including certain refinements with respect to the one sent on 24 February 2021, for the purchase of the 88.06% equity investment held by Atlantia in Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. (ASPI), or for the purchase of up to 100% of the company if the minority shareholders of ASPI exercise their tag-along right.

The offer reflects further due diligence findings that have emerged following the due diligence conducted after the proposal submitted on 24 February this year, and represents a significant step forward in taking into consideration the requests made by Atlantia. The Consortium believes that this offer should be assessed positively by Atlantia and its shareholders.

The submitted offer is consistent with the approach of the members of the Consortium as long-term investors, and in particular with that of CDP, as Italy’s leading investor in infrastructure which has for years been a shareholder in companies that operate strategic national networks (Snam, Terna, Italgas and Open Fiber). The objectives of the investment are, inter alia, to:

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