CDP Equity

B.F. SpA

  • Status Active
  • CDP Equity Start of the investment 03/22/2017
  • CDP Equity Investment size € 80 mln
  • CDP Equity Shareholding 18.8%
CDP Equity


The B.F. SpA Group was founded and developed around Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA Società Agricola, the biggest Italian farm by land size. B.F. is currently one of the main companies that focuses on the listed agricultural sector in Italy. In addition, the group is at the forefront of the use of the most modern cultivation systems available with innovative precision farming solutions. The investment in B.F. was made in order to pursue a supply chain and consolidation of the agricultural sector strategy. The operation is aimed at financially supporting the company's development plan, based on extending the cultivated surface, on the launch of activities involving the processing and distribution of agricultural products, and on the provision of new consulting and knowledge-sharing services in an agri-tech context.


Encourage the dissemination of precision farming techniques in Italian agriculture and support the consolidation of the Italian agri-food sector through the creation of a national champion able to play the role of aggregator in the industry both upstream and downstream “from the genome to the shelf”.


From a traditional agricultural operator, BF has transformed itself into an integrated and innovative agri-industrial group, able to manage consumer-oriented productions and generate value by overseeing the entire agricultural, industrial and distribution supply chain.