Gruppo Trevi

Trevi Group

  • Status Active
  • CDP Equity Start of the investment 11/07/2014
  • CDP Equity Investment size € 140 mln
  • CDP Equity Shareholding 25.7%
CDP Equity


Founded in Cesena in 1957, the Trevi Group is a world leader in subsoil engineering for special foundations, excavating tunnels, land consolidation and making and selling machinery and specialist equipment for the sector. In particular, the Group is divided into two closely interconnected divisions: Trevi, which performs special foundations work and land consolidations for large infrastructure projects (metro systems, dams, ports and quays, bridges, railways and motorways, civil and industrial buildings), makes polluted sites safe again, builds and manages underground and automated car parks and - Soilmec, which designs, produces and sells machinery, systems and services for subsoil engineering. The parent company, Trevi Finanziaria Industriale SpA, has been listed on the Milan stock exchange since July 1999.​ The investment was made via the FSI Investimenti vehicle (77,12% owned by CDP Equity). Nel complesso il Gruppo CDP detiene il 32,66% di Trevi Finanziaria Industriale SpA, in quanto Sace ne detiene il 6,99%.


The aim of the investment is to support the growth and development of the Trevi Group, by consolidating the competitive international positioning. In particular, this operation represents the typical investment model of CDP Equity, which, through a minority investment, supports the growth of Italian excellence established at international level, but which, at the same time, generates an important national allied industry.​


The Trevi Group has established itself over the years as a player of global excellence in works involving high-level subsoil engineering and the foundations for special works. The recent financial operation aims to restart the path of growth that has always defined the Group. Trevi Group’s aim now is to assert its global leadership in the two key segments in which it operates with two respective divisions: engineering and foundations (Trevi) on the one hand, and machinery (Soilmec) on the other.