CDP Equity


  • Status Active
  • CDP Equity Start of the investment 01/15/2014
  • CDP Equity Investment size € 151 mln
  • CDP Equity Shareholding 0.5%​
CDP Equity


Valvitalia is one of the leading global manufacturers of valve flow control components (interception valves, security and control, actuators, fittings, flanges and complete systems) for the sectors of oil & gas, electricity generation, water desalination and shipbuilding. Valvitalia is also active in the fire prevention sector, with a portfolio of products and complete services for different types of customers and sectors. The investment was made via the FSI Investimenti vehicle (77,12% owned by CDP Equity).


Stabilisation of shareholders to pursue the path of growth, acquisitions of niche manufacturers aimed at expanding the product portfolio.


* 49.5% proforma post convertible bond conversion.