We provide patient capital to protect assets that are fundamental for the country, to enable long-term investments, support innovation and promote internationalisation processes

4,9 bln Invested capital

CDP equity is fully capitalised through resources of the Holding CDP SpA

14 Companies in the portfolio

We manage investments with an industrial approach, maximising synergies

6 Fund subscriptions

We support companies through the subscription of venture capital, private equity and private debt funds

CDP Equity

We are the main equity investments holding of the CDP Group

CDP Equity

We support the growth of Italian businesses with direct, indirect and partnership shareholdings

CDP Equity

We focus on strategic sectors and key technologies for the future of the country

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Latest updates on CDP Equity's operations and its own subsidieries

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Operations on funds and companies with a commitment of more than € 100 million

Over the last 12 months, CDP Equity has made important steps through direct investments to consolidate and develop national champions, to support companies and back innovation in Italy. 

August 2021

  • Operantion on Open Fiber

    Binding agreement signed for the acquisition of an additional 10% stake

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April 2021

  • 7.3% stake in Euronext acquired

    Borsa italiana is now part of a leading group in the continental European capital markets.

  • Technology Transfer Fund Top-up

    Managed by CDP Venture Capital, promotes Technology Transfer

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January 2021

  • Subscription to the Evoluzione Fund

    For supporting startups at an advanced technological development stage

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October 2020

  • Euronext - Italian Stock Exchange

    Entry to Euronext with a capital increase to protect a strategic national asset

  • Sia-Nexi Merger

    With the aim of creating a European leader in the field of digital payments

  • Subscription to the Tech Transfer Fund

    To create technological investment hubs and co-investments in start-ups

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April 2020

  • Capital increase in Ansaldo Energia

    To promote the development of Italian excellence in energy


February 2020

  • Subscription of the VenturItaly Funds Fund

    Dedicated to professionalising venture capital markets

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  • Subscription of the PD italia Funds Fund

    To support investment in private debt funds for Italian companies

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November 2019

  • Capital increase in Webuild

    To support an Italian infrastructure champion