Investments disposed of

  • Investment period: from Mar 2013 to June 2015
  • Share sold: 4.5%
  • Value closed: € 1,114 mln

The Generali Group is one of the most important insurance and financial companies and an international leader in Italy. The divestment of the entire shareholding in Assicurazioni Generali (4.48%) has generated a total return on investment (before tax) of about 31%, equal to € 276.6 mln, of which € 229.9 mln was a capital gain and € 46.7 mln related to the receipt of dividends distributed during the investment period.

  • Investment period: from Nov 2013 May 2014
  • Share sold: 0.4%
  • Value closed: € 11 mln

The Hera Group is a leading utility company in Italy in managing services related to the water cycle, in the energy sector and in the management of environmental services. The divestment of the entire shareholding generated a value of € 11.2 mln.